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  The Balloon Kitty came to fruition in February of 2021, I was trying to save money by DIY'ing my sons first birthday party, and through doing so- I found an incredible outlet. I was a new mom suffering from Post Partum Depression, worrying how I would make going back to work and affording child care work, but I genuinely had so much fun setting up for my sons party. Within days I just knew I wanted to make this my career, and that way I would be able to stay home with Giovanni while my husband runs his renovation company. (Four Leaf Clover Renovations, check them out!) Now a year and a half later business is booming, I have created amazing relationships with beautiful people, and i am doing something that I love. There's nothing more I could ask for! Other than maybe an order from you!!! :) 
Tell your cat I said Pspspsps

If you have ever picked up a grab and go balloon order then you have surely met Mcgreggor, who inspired the name The Balloon Kitty. He really is my pride and joy, more like a dog than a cat-I cant imagine a life without him. At least i know he will live on for years to come in The Balloon Kitty brand. Come on by and meet him if you haven't already

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