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GRAB-N-GO Services

Providing Everything You Need

Grab And Go items are popular if you don't require an installation and just want to pick something up
that is ready made. 

Balloon Columns

Starting from 100$ 

Free standing Balloon Columns are perfect for if you want to transport the decor from one venue to another. (IE, Restaurant then to home) They are customized to each order-No one column is the same. Use the Below images for inspiration for your order. 

Number Columns

Starting at 125$

Another transportable design. These are amazing for birthday events and are customized to whatever theme/color palette you choose. They come personalized as well. 

Balloon Garlands

35$ per ft

Ready made Balloon Garlands are super popular for any celebration. The Balloon Kitty will provide you hooks and ties for simple hanging and these Garlands come bagged for easy transport. They are fully customized to your event and can even be personalized with Vinyl decals and added foils. No one balloon garland is the same 

Table Toppers

Starting at 50$

These are amazing for people who just want something small that sits on a table. Plenty of designs are available for these. 

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